Bathroom Remodel – Week 8

Progress continues, though at a slower pace since the weather is warmer and all priority has shifted toward working on berries and grapes. Nonetheless, we finished grouting the bathroom floor and Jeff installed tile baseboards in half of the room. Tina finished mudding and sanding the drywall – also in half of the room. The last (4th) coat of drywall mud was put on this morning – this is really just a skim coat and will need minimum sanding. Maybe we’ll get primer painted this coming week.

Jeff worked on cutting down an old dining room buffet which we had bought at an estate sale years ago – for $10. The double sink vanity fit perfectly onto the buffet, once the original top was removed. This may just work. Not sure yet if we will paint the “vanity” or refinish the wood and cover it with several coats of polyurethane.

Leif is visiting and enjoying the whirlpool!
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