Slippers for Freyja

We moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico a few years ago but bought our first house last October, an 80 year old marvel with hints of charm and bits of 1970s thrown in.  It was originally built on a crawl space.  Later additions were added with a basement and one on a slab. It also has an ancient boiler which slowly chugs hot water through the radiators.  But all Freyja cares about is that its February and her feet are cold on the wood floors!

She asked me for a pair of slippers.  Winter is nearing its end and Freyja is just 4 and constantly growing, so whatever I bought or made would only be worn for a few weeks, 2 months at best.  I searched through my yarn and found some chunky black yarn that I used on one of my very first projects some 10 year ago.  I then set out to browse DROPS Design, at  This is one of my favorite places to go for knitting patterns.  I settled on Walkabout.


This pattern uses size 9 knitting needles and took just a few hours to make both slippers.  It also sews up the back of the heal, not under the foot, which is something that matters to Freyja.  Overall it was a quick, good solution to cold feet in February.

Posted by Anja Weyant