What Color to Choose

Finally finished “mudding” and sanding all the drywall – quite a challenge with all the crooked old beams and rough edges.  Even found time to “prime” the drywall during the week.  We finally had to make a decision for the color of the walls – our choices, we decided, were limited by the colors found in the various stones of the barn walls.  Upon closer examination of the stones, there were a myriad of colors.  Jeff’s preference was for a “real color”, not another version of beige or brown, which narrowed our choices somewhat.  We ended up narrowing our search to a rosy sort of brick color or a darkish purple.  We got chips from both rocks, took those to Lowes and tried matching them to paint strips – then bought 4 sample colors.  The dark purple shade, called “Smoked Mulberry”  was the one!