Barn Transformation Complete!

We finished the downstairs barn renovation project:

  • Pointed all the stone walls (3 walls)
  • Dug out the old dirt floor, ran drainage pipes and cemented it
  • Tore out the old horse stalls, cow stanchions and feed troughs
  • Installed new windows
  • Installed new entrance door
  • Build window frames using oak boards from the old horse stalls
  • sanded polyurethaned window frames
  • Rebuilt the one wooden wall
  • Drywalled and painted the interior of the wooden wall
  • Refaced the outside of the barn walls that were not stone
  • Closed off sections between old beams toward the outside
  • Completed rewired everything
  • New outside and inside lighting
  • Painted all new sections of the barn “barn red”
  • Build a “crush pad”
  • Installed railing on crushpad, painted it barn red also

All this in less than a year – and just in time for the wedding!