Ruger – the Dog – Update

Sammy’s dog Ruger is now known most often as Lars’s dog.  He still sleeps in a crate in Lars’s bedroom and spends his indoor time on the tiled floor of the living room or kitchen.  He is getting so big so fast.  He knows his name, and listens to all the basic commands – and he listens well!  Lars takes him for runs most days through the vineyard and around the blackberries. All the grandchildren play with Ruger and he loves the attention.

Elena’s First Birthday

We celebrated Elena’s first birthday today at the farm…the first of several celebrations, and we had a blast…and cake, balloons and a doll!!

Celebrating a 55 Year Wedding Anniversary

Tina’s parents came to the farm this weekend for a slightly belated celebration of their 55 years of marriage.  Way to go Ute and Werner!!  Although it rained both days, we still spent a bit of time outside to see the grapevines, the berries and the garden.   We had a lot of fun family time inside, and celebrated with champagne and cake:

(cake recipe courtesy of Leigh Ann and her link to  Sugarhero,com)

What a Weekend

Our weekend got off to a great start:  a new granddaughter was born on August 21, just before noon. Welcome Elena Weyant, at 6 lbs 14 oz, and 17 inches long…

We also harvested most of our corn and worked on blanching and freezing on and off all weekend – with help from Zach, Rachel, Toben, Fiona and Adelaide.

And Tina continued staining barn boards – using up another 5 gallon bucket of stain – slowly making progress.  Someday we will have the most awesome barn in the county!