Cleaning Fence-row for Future Implement Shed

The “polar vortex” moved on and temperatures went from sub-zero last week to a balmy 44 degrees this weekend – warm enough to run a chainsaw and start clearing out another fence row.  We looked for the most level spot to clean up – for a future implement shed.  Zach (who is visiting with his family this week) volunteered to run the chain saw, while Lars manned the log-splitter.  Toben and Jeff “supervised” and Tina cleaned away the brush and stacked the smaller pieces of firewood.  We got a lot done in one afternoon – and it felt so good to work outside:

Toben helped too
Zach & his chainsaw

Shower Installed!

And some more bathroom progress – just in time for Thanksgiving visitors:  we installed the corner shower unit and it is functional!  Still need to pretty up the walls surrounding the shower and tub, i.e. more drywall mud, sanding and painting.  But we have another shower – hurray!

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Bathroom Progress

All the drywall is now hung in the bathroom, and the first coat of “mud” is covering the seams.  This evening, we sanded the seams, so that we can install the shower unit.   Slowly but surely, the bathroom project is nearing completion – we really could use the extra show next week when the house will be full for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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And back to DYI…

Today was just too windy and cold to work outside, so we decided to continue working on our bathroom project – the one that abruptly came to a halt when the weather got warm… about 8 months ago. 

We kind of got used to having a semi-finished bathroom, but in reality, it is an eye-sore.  Half the room is painted, the sink and toilet are installed, and we tiled the floor.  The whirlpool tub is installed and operational, but we never finished the wall around the tub. We never installed the corner shower unit we had bought last winter and two walls and half the ceiling still need drywalled and painted.

We took inventory of all our supplies and realized that the only things we were missing was a shower faucet and two sheets of drywall – which we picked up this morning.  By the end of the day, we had the faucet installed and the walls around the shower-unit insulated. We are ready to hang the missing drywall!!

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Sewing Fur Made Easier

So we purchased a commercial fur sewing machine – I should explain this process: Jeff has been checking out fur sewing machines (a most useful tool) for a while and found a used one on Craigs list in Boston, where Anja and Duff made arrangements to pick it up, but they had to wait until Zach needed to travel to New England for work (from Ohio) with his pick-up truck, so they could physically get this machine, which is attached to a heavy duty table, and then Zach drove home via Carlisle and dropped the machine off.

Jeff threading the machine

This is not at all like an ordinary sewing machine and it does amazing seams with fur – the seam looks similar to one made by a serger machine, but much, much finer.  Up to now, we had been using Tina’s rather nice, regular sewing machine, but the fur was pretty hard on it.  Despite this, Anja and Jeff made several raccoon hats before  – see older blog post – and last year we made a fur stole for Grammy, which turned out ok as well.  Looks like this winter we’ll get to sew in a much more efficient way!