Chronicles of the Long Shot Farm

Garden Started with Cold Hardy Plants and Seeds

We are actually on time this year with planting the early spring garden. For the last two weeks Jeff has been plowing, discing and laying some plastic and we now have the following seeds and plants in the garden:

Brassicas ready to plant

  • 50 lbs of peas
  • 50 lbs of red potatoes
  • somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 onions plants
  • 2 flats of cauliflower
  • 1.5 flats of broccoli
  • and half a flat of Brussels Sprouts
We also doubled the size of our asparagus patch.

Mulching More Elderberries

We have been planting more and more elderberry bushes along the steep hillside and around the perimeter of the lower pond.  Last fall, we got behind with weed-whipping and a lot of wild brambles started growing up around the elderberries.

This weekend, we thoroughly weeded between all the elderberries, and then added a very heavy layer of wood chips to subdue all weeds and retain moisture.  It looks very “landscaped”, but we hope that it will be easier to maintain this season.  (The forsythia is marking the corner of the elderberry patch)  Hoping for a small elderberry harvest this year!!

Pruning Season

Concord grapes on a high wire cordon trellis

Chambourcin – spur pruned cordon

Benches in the Greenhouse

Lars and Jeff spent the day building benches for inside the greenhouse, so that we can start moving plants, grape cuttings and vegetable seedlings outside.

The assembly had to take place inside the greenhouse, since the door is rather narrow – the challenge of course was the fact that they were surrounded by glass 🙂  Nothing happened though, they did great.

Each bench is over 11 ft. long, and has two levels, plus space underneath.  So far, the only plants we moved out were our geraniums, which we overwintered in the cellar (all 50+ survived)

Firewood Clean-up

Cleaning up the future driveway continues, now that the snow melted somewhat.  Zach came to visit this weekend and chainsawed the large tree trunks into firewood pieces.  Lars and Tina could hardly keep up with moving the cut wood and stacking up the brush pieces onto a nice pile for burning later.