Chronicles of the Long Shot Farm

Pruning Season

Concord grapes on a high wire cordon trellis

Chambourcin – spur pruned cordon

Benches in the Greenhouse

Lars and Jeff spent the day building benches for inside the greenhouse, so that we can start moving plants, grape cuttings and vegetable seedlings outside.

The assembly had to take place inside the greenhouse, since the door is rather narrow – the challenge of course was the fact that they were surrounded by glass 🙂  Nothing happened though, they did great.

Each bench is over 11 ft. long, and has two levels, plus space underneath.  So far, the only plants we moved out were our geraniums, which we overwintered in the cellar (all 50+ survived)

Firewood Clean-up

Cleaning up the future driveway continues, now that the snow melted somewhat.  Zach came to visit this weekend and chainsawed the large tree trunks into firewood pieces.  Lars and Tina could hardly keep up with moving the cut wood and stacking up the brush pieces onto a nice pile for burning later.

Grape Vine Cuttings

We sacrificed our nice dining room to turn it into a makeshift greenhouse, since our “real” greenhouse is not warm enough yet. We set up two folding tables under the windows, plugged in a 10 ft plant heating mat, and then set out the starter boxes.  The heat below the boxes (which are placed on a special metal grate) raises the soil temperature to optimal levels for root development.

With the nicer weather, Jeff has been pruning grape vines, and he uses the better shoots for starting new vines.  We keep 4 buds per shoot, dip it into plant rooting hormone, and the push each shoot into its own little soil filled tube.

So far, we have about 300 cuttings:

Late March Snow Day

What else is there to do when a late winter storm dumps 7 inches of snow?  “Play in the greenhouse of course!”  Jeff spent a good part of this afternoon filling our paper tubes with potting soil, which is specially formulated for starting seeds and plants.  Getting ready to start some grapes from cuttings … any day now.