Chronicles of the Long Shot Farm

New Year – New Grandbaby

We are excited to welcome Freyja Rebecca Neill to our family.  She was born in Boston on January 3, weighing 8.3 lbs and she was 20.5 inches long.  Her parents, Anja and Duff, and her big brother Leif are very happy to greet their beautiful new daughter and sister.

Silly Hats for Little Boys

Could not resist buying a book with fleece animal hats for little kids – and then try some of those patterns.  These hats were for Toben (age 4 – Dinosaur) and Leif (age 2 – Monkey):

Sewing Purses for Little Girls

When the holiday season starts, and the evenings are too dark to work outside,  I love sewing, knitting or weaving projects for presents.  Since I just got the ultimate new sewing machine for my birthday (a Pfaff Expression 3.2), sewing projects got priority and I started with making a little purse for my oldest granddaughter, who will turn 3 soon.

I found the pattern online, at a great website called “Make It & Love It” and used fabric remnants I had on hand.  This turned out to be so much fun, that I figured even the younger, infant granddaughters could use purses for later, as could 3 “grand-nieces” and daughters of friends.  What started out as one purse project, ended with eight little purses – all lined with shimmering satin fabric and little button closures.

Chambourcin Harvest – Take Two

We picked the majority of our Chambourcin two weeks after having picked the first batch (the grapes we used for the rosé wine).  Luckily we had loads of helpers – big and small, and we ended up harvesting the remaining grapes in just a few hours.




They were beautifully ripe, amazingly sweet grapes that should make a great wine!  We destemmed, crushed and sorted the grapes before dumping them into the fermenting tank.

This year, we were much more prepared for making wine and had all the necessary “ingredients” and lab equipment ready.  We also decided to use the same type of yeast for all our wines.  Check out this block of yeast: