Chronicles of the Long Shot Farm

Labeling Wine Bottles

Every new wine label needs to be approved by the federal  Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau, TTB for short. (Wine labeling rules are found in Title 27 of the Code of  Federal Regulations) After the approval, they can be printed and applied.  We use a manual labeler, which we really like:

Sign Installed

Sammy designed the sign for the winery which was produced by a local welding shop, Agar Welding.  We installed it this weekend:

Concord Harvest

We are in the middle of harvesting our Concord grapes – and ever so thankful for the large walk-in cooler that allows us to store the grapes before crushing them.

HVAC and Dishwasher

We are happy to report that the future tasting room now boasts a heating and cooling system, which we promptly turned to cooling.  It is amazingly quiet and works great.

The other major addition this week was a commercial dishwasher!