Chronicles of the Long Shot Farm

Wine Label Design Finishing Touches

Samantha has been working hard on finalizing our wine labels.  The general design and layout had been done for a while, but we had to get the labels sized correctly to fit our various bottle shapes, and we had to meet the specs of the printer.  The draft labels have been printed on two different types of paper so that we could see how well each holds up.  We actually made the bottles wet and put them in the refrigerator, and submersed them in ice water buckets to test the paper.  Now that we have all this done, we are submitting each label for approval to the TTB.

We also selected different color schemes for the various wines, and tried to match those colors to the available bottle caps.

Here is an examples of our draft wine label:

Tasting Room Nearly Finished

Just realized that we had not posted any pictures of the nearly finished tasting room – so here we go:

View from tasting room window

Mulching the Vineyard

The weather finally got warmer and dried out the ground enough to use the mulch spreader in the vineyard.  Its the finishing touch after the first round of pruning:

Winery in the News

The article below was published in the Central Penn Business Journal on April 27, 2018, written by Jason Scott.  (an earlier version appeared in the online edition):
And here is a link to a blog post by Paul Vigna 
of the Harrisburg Patriot News:

Trimming Blackberries

This year we did not start trimming blackberries until the initial grape pruning was done.  But luckily the days are getting longer …  and a bit warmer 🙂


Work in Progress….