Chronicles of the Long Shot Farm

Pruning Concords

Pruning is underway in the vineyards.  The purpose of pruning is to cut away portions of the vine to promote healthy fruit, stop overcropping, and prevent the vineyard from becoming a jungle.  The Niagara patch is finished and we are currently pruning Concords at the Long Shot Farm.


Concord grapes are a North American variety which are used for jams, juice, table grapes, and wine! They are featured in the Concord, Pink Quiver, and Trophy Rack wines and the Concord Slushy.

All of the grape wines at the Long Shot farm are Estate Bottled.  This means that the grapes are farmed, fermented, bottled, and aged on site.  This allows us to have control over every aspect of the wine, from the vineyard to the bottle.

Bird Netting Cleanup

Every major event is a marathon, particularly for those who have to get it together. Take Thanksgiving. The weeks before, you agonize over the menu, because some people think pumpkin pie tastes better with sweet potatoes, and others say that that is an abomination. Days before you hunt through the grocery and markets, to get all the ingredients necessary for the turkey dinner, the dressing, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the green beans, and yes, the pumpkin pie. Then for the 48 hours leading up to the great meal itself, it is nothing but cook and clean, cook and clean, cook and clean for the crew of friends and family, half of whom will love your heterodox pumpkin pie, half will think it blasphemy, and half will not know the difference. And at the end of the meal, everyone clears out but you, and you realize that there is one last cleaning to do. But you are tired and exhausted, and perhaps can be forgiven if things sit till the evening. Meanwhile, you will have another bite of that pumpkin pie.

So to it is with the harvest for the grapes. Since last winter, you have trimmed, dug new rows, planted new vines, fertilized, run irragation, mowed, bottled the old stock, put up the bird netting, harvested the grapes, crushed, juiced, and fermented. So perhaps you can be forgiven if at the end, you let the bird netting lay in the field, though the grapes are gone, the leaves have fallen, and the days are now short. Perhaps it is a bit untidy looking. Yet now, perhaps just one more glass of wine.

But of course it must be picked up. The next cycle is coming soon enough. The trimming must start once more. So as on Thanksgiving, you push yourself from the table, wondering where all the well-fed yet critical guests went, plodding to the kitchen to make things right. For no-one else will. With another glass of wine, of course.

Our Newest Wine: Trophy Rack

Once upon a while, the handsomest buck proudly walks the woods and fields, sporting the most majestic antlers. Yet the sly huntress knows where to stalk down such prey, passing over lesser stags. For this season, a king is about. After spotting the signs and reading the rut, she finds her mark. Pulling her arrow from her pink quiver, drawing back her supple bow, she lines up her shot, a clean shot, through the ripe, late season fruity grapes, heady with intoxicating aroma. Trophy Rack balances out the strong fruit flavors of Concord Rosé with crisp Pennsylvania apples. Triumph never tasted so sweet.

Lucky Long Shot Slushy

This month we bring out our seasonal mint slushy.  This St. Patrick’s day themed confection is born of our small batch mint wine.  It is pleasantly minty with light apple undertones, a result of the wine fermentation process.  We recommend enjoying the Lucky Long Shot with dark chocolate for some extra decadence.

Wine slushy recipes at Long Shot are developed in house. We do not use pre-made, wine slushy mix. Instead we formulate our own recipes to compliment the wine featured in the slushy. This also means that to create our specialty slushies, we ferment small batches of unique wines like pumpkin and mint.

Creating New Labels

In the winery we are working on creating labels for new vintages and new wines.  Getting the labels approved is a lengthy process and must contain important information like the vintage, surgeon general warning, and the ABV. Even the formulation of the wine in some cases must be approved.  The artwork is the most fun part of the label to develop and is produced, in house, by Samantha Shaffer.  Stay tuned for a new blend!