Chronicles of the Long Shot Farm

Slippers for Freyja

We moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico a few years ago but bought our first house last October, an 80 year old marvel with hints of charm and bits of 1970s thrown in.  It was originally built on a crawl space.  Later additions were added with a basement and one on a slab. It also has an ancient boiler which slowly chugs hot water through the radiators.  But all Freyja cares about is that its February and her feet are cold on the wood floors!

She asked me for a pair of slippers.  Winter is nearing its end and Freyja is just 4 and constantly growing, so whatever I bought or made would only be worn for a few weeks, 2 months at best.  I searched through my yarn and found some chunky black yarn that I used on one of my very first projects some 10 year ago.  I then set out to browse DROPS Design, at  This is one of my favorite places to go for knitting patterns.  I settled on Walkabout.


This pattern uses size 9 knitting needles and took just a few hours to make both slippers.  It also sews up the back of the heal, not under the foot, which is something that matters to Freyja.  Overall it was a quick, good solution to cold feet in February.

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Naming the Winery

It was nearly impossible to come up with a name for either the farm – or the winery. It seems that every possible name was taken by golf courses, housing development or venues – whatever we came up with was quickly nixed by a Google search 🙂  So we named the farm, just for fun.  We planted our first grape vines on this farm 8 years ago – when the winery concept was still in the distant future and we thought we’d have lots of time to think about it.  As you can see, we could not come up with something we liked and ended up with just “The Winery at the Long Shot Farm.” Our concept of a winery started with planning and planting a vineyard . . . the name, logo and entire marketing of it was not on top of our minds at the time. [We had a 2-acre lot of fruits, grapes and fruit trees for over a dozen years before we bought the little farm, which is where we learned a lot about what not to do.]

Check out how we named the farm here.

We have come such a long way in the last 10 years. Maybe in the beginning we thought this could be a “long shot”. As a family of archers and adventurers, we know the long shots are the best stories.

Read this and more at Penn Live: Last name standing: Cumberland County winery building toward summer debut

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2019 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention

This week the 2019 mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention is going on. Rachel spent time learning and taking the Private Pesticides Applicators exam (Good Luck Rachel)! Tina, Lars (Majoring in Plant Science at PSU), Rachel and Toben learned more about fruit and vegetable growing.  And growing grapes!

Toben even got an approved day off of school and is taking notes on early basal leaf removal and its affects on the health of vines.  As Jeff always says, “If you learned something today, it was a good day.”

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Finishing the Bar Top

We had purchased a large, live edge, unfinished slab of wood to use for the bar top.  After rough sanding it with a belt sander, we finished it by hand-sanding, using finer and finer sandpaper between applying coats of high gloss polyurethane.  We started off with 80 grit sandpaper and at the end we were using 800 grit sandpaper!  It took about 30 coats of polyurethane and sanding (we lost track of the exact number) over a period of two months.  But it was so worth it:

Tasting Room Progress


Things are coming together! We have running water behind the bar and the wine rack is assembled. Next we need to put some finish on the counters. 2019 is starting off great!

No opening date yet for the Winery, but we are so close to being able to pick one!!

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